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The Ultimate Guide on “ How To Write Articles “

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how to write articles

how to write articles

Article writing is one of the biggest dilemmas that most online entrepreneurs find quite challenging and hard to deal with. Being a well-known freelance writer for over a year now, I get numerous requests from friends asking if there is some short and quick-to-get-by formula on how to write articles. In actual fact, I get asked most often by some of them to share the software I use to write articles so they too can dive in and start generating compelling contents for their blogs and clients.

The truth is “I don’t use any software to generate content” and I wouldn’t advice anyone to go in for any so-called “content generator” software to generate articles, be it for your blog or a client. Google is increasingly getting sterner on spun or plagiarism contents and so are other search engines. These stern SEO rules from search engines have now imposed the need for fresh and unique contents and have left website owners with these three trending questions: Continue Reading