Setting and achieving goals : How to set goals and achieve them

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Setting and achieving goals: How to set goals and achieve them

Setting and achieving goals: How to set goals and achieve them

Learning how to how to set goals and achieve them is a powerful personal experience that should be regarded with some priority, particularly if you ostensibly failed in your past attempts to get through with your goals. When I say “ostensibly” it’s because you actually getting the thoughts of setting and achieving goals means you not far from track, but what keeps breaching your dreams/goals from being real?

There are several reasons that might have stood between you and your dreams….maybe some interruptions or delays to your efforts…whatever it is, what is important is you’ve realized your flaws and are now motivated to move on to a more successful track.

To start with, it is important for you to carry out a little “self-assessment” to be true to yourself and ensure the success of the track you are about to embark on.

Self-development: How to set goals and achieve them: Let’s start by accessing your values

The part of accessing your values is of out-most importance in any decision making scenario. This entails you accessing yourself for all important values that will be affected by the decisions you are about to make. For example: money, happiness, marriage, kindness, family, good looks, friends, hard work, friendships, education, accomplishment etc. This trivial list is just to give you a perception on what “Accessing your values” really stands for and how you can use them in setting and achieving goals.

Go through your list of jutted down values and re-consider which of them are really important to you and ensure your goals aren’t depriving you from such important values. This will guide you in making goals that are worthwhile and you are sure of benefiting from without regretful thoughts in future.

Self-development: How to set goals and achieve them: Now let consider all the goals you would like to achieve in life.

You’re likely to be asking yourself now what the difference is between – values and goals?. Considering our topic, we can consider values as ongoing while Goals can, at some future time be completed and marked off the list.

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With that in mind, which goals will you be going for? Improving your skills in some area of life? Finding more suitable employment? Spending more time with family? Did loss of job require the learning of new skills? What skills will you choose?. Write them down. Don’t be frightened by the lengthiness of your list, its actually good when you have many goals, it all depends on how you handle them

Haven drafted your list of goals, next is to sort them in order of most important to you while considering they abide with the values you previously listed. Once you have prioritized your goals, it makes it easier for you to conveniently pick the most important ones to drive towards achieving. While listing many goals is a good notion, you should be however careful not to set goals that will discourage you in the course of completion.

A good example is setting a goal to be “EXTREMELY RICH”. This is somewhat the dream of most youths. This isn’t a bad dream actually. However, Care should be taken not to neglect “IMPORTANT VALUES” when taking up such dreams especially “family”. I say so because such goals are too demanding and sooner or later you may have to be sacrificing time with friends and family or some other important “values” just to achieve such goals. Moderation should therefore be a key point in not only goal setting but every principle you adopt to live on.

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Back to your goals: pushing through with setting and achieving goals requires you at this point to consider the cost of achieving your goals and prepare yourself for it. For example: if one of your goals is to “drop of that fat belly”, then you should be willing to take up the necessary exercises and eat foods that will set you up towards your dreams.

Benefits of Setting and achieving goals

There is some level of inner peace that is felt when you actually set goals and achieve them. You feel you are can do it and it somewhat serves as a motivational factor towards completing other goals. My advice is you take up the initiative to complete just a single goal at the start, once you get that self-esteeming feeling after completing your first goal, it will motivate you towards getting more goals completed.

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