How To Get Your Blog Noticed? Here are 5 Tips For You

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how to get your blog noticed -

How to get your blog noticed –

Traffic is the center of any online business and if you not knowing how to get your blog noticed nullifies all efforts you put on building your online presence. Traffic from search engines is the best an easiest traffic technique available to bloggers and is definitely something to consider if you really want to get your blog noticed. Now, best way to show up in the search engine results is to optimize each of your blog posts for a specific keyword phrase. In the below paragraphs I walk you through on some vital steps on how to effectively use converting keyword phrases that will better place you on a fair share of search engine traffic.

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How To Get Your Blog Noticed 1 : Decide On A Keyword Phrase.

If you really want to get more blog traffic you need to write about things that people want answers to. Start by finding a good keyword phrase to use in your post. Longtail keywords are the best as they will help you be more specific about what you write. There are several keyword tools such as Wordtracker, SEO Book Keyword Tool and Keyword Eye that can help you to choose your keyword phrase.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed 2 : Create An Outline For Your Blog Post.

You can start to outline your blog post once you have your keyword phrase and you know what you want to write about. Ensure that your title contains your keyword and that your content will actually provide what you say in your title. Include your keyword in your main header tags. This is the text that is bigger and bolder than normal body text and search engines place more importance on them.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed 3: Write High Quality Content.

A great blog post is created for people first and search engines second. So, when your outline is done, write your blog post without being concerned about your keyword phrase. Then, when you’ve written your post, go back and look to where you can include in your keyword phrase. Ideally, you should aim for about around 500 words with between 4 to 8 keyword phrases. Don’t over stuff your post with a particular keyword as this will not get more blog traffic and may actually push you down the search engine rankings.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed 4: Use An Image.

Inserting an image will help you to get more blog traffic. It should obviously be something relevant to the content and should also have your keyword in the alt image tag and image description. Search engines cannot see graphics but they can use alt image tags to decipher what an image is or what it is representing.

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How To Get Your Blog Noticed 5: Add Links.

Finally, you will get more blog traffic when you link to other pages within your website. Search engines favour these hyperlinks as they create a natural structure to your website. It also adds extra value for your readers by pointing them to other information that they’ll find useful. Include one or two links to external websites that add value for your reader and those websites may even provide a backlink to you, bringing in even more traffic.

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