Free website traffic : Here’s how to increase website traffic

Free website traffic : Here’s how to increase website traffic

Free website traffic : Here’s how to increase website traffic

What’s a website without traffic? Knowing how to increase website traffic is a must for every website owner and webmaster as having a constant flow of website traffic is undoubtedly important for a website’s success. It’s just this simple, No traffic, No customers, and No sales; hence, your business gets stuck. In this post I walk you through 7 great tips to guide you on how to increase website traffic and grow a better and more successful online presence.

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  1. How to increase website traffic 1: Write Quality Content.

Writing quality contents keeps you above your competitors and places you high on search engine results and hence sending you a great deal of FREE website traffic. The algorithm of search engines is easy to understand; the more QUALITY content you have, the better standing you have over your competitors on search results. When a user types a search term in a search engine, the search engine simply loops through all websites with content related to the search term typed in by the user and sorts them by quality of the contents present on them. This is why writing more quality content than your competitors keeps you upfront and gets you a great deal of the lucrative website traffic from search engines.

  1. How to increase website traffic 2: Write An Engaging Blog.

Writing a blog that serves your audience with informative insights helps in building a better website traffic chain. The more quality articles you have on your blog or website the more your readers are sure to return and keep the traffic rolling and you even profit from referral traffic as your visitors, knowing the quality of your blog, are sure to share your contents with friends on social media and other online platforms.

  1. How to increase website traffic 3: Know Your Keywords.

In order to get your fair share of the free website traffic from search engines, it is important to actually get a perception of the possible keywords your prospects are searching for on search engines and try getting those keywords into your articles in a user friendly way. Luckily we have the Google keyword Planner tool which gives us insights into these keywords and their monthly searches. Always ensure to have a keyword within the first and last 25 words of your page content and try getting all your contents above 500 words to add to your ranking on search results.


  1. How to increase website traffic 4: Use Social Media.

When you write top-notch articles that are actually compelling and keep your audience satisfied all through, it somewhat helps in broadening your audience scope as satisfied audience are more likely to share your compelling contents on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google which sure returns back free website traffic to your website and drastically increases your business’ conversions.

  1. How to increase website traffic 5: Article Marketing.

Though Article marketing is still quite an effective line to get free website traffic, compelling and keyword targeted articles are essential to get your links ranked high and sending you free website traffic. This therefore implies that effective article writing is not about writing just about anything to get a link back, but writing compelling articles that will fetch you high esteem from readers and make them trust you and want to visit your site for more and hence “free website traffic” for you.

  1. How to increase website traffic 6: Video Marketing.

Video marketing is another very lucrative though not often used source of free website traffic and is something I will advise you to get into if you really want to know how to increase your website traffic. Why? Oh come on! Do you know that YouTube, the popular Google owned video sharing website is now the second biggest search engine in the world? Does that mean anything to you? It should really. Whether it’s a self -tutorial recorded or an animation related to your business, get that video online and start receiving your fair share of free website traffic.

  1. How to increase website traffic 7: Regularly Post New Content.

It’s no news that search engines love websites that publish new quality content on a regular basis. This therefore calls on all webmasters and website owners to update their sites regularly to keep track of this lucrative and entirely free website traffic to improve rankings and grow more awareness of their business.

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There we go, my takes on how to how to increase website traffic by strategically taping into the abundant free website traffic stream available on the web. Like this post or have something to add? Please leave a comment in the comment box below, will love to hear from you!

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  1. Happy for this article. Really great. Now i want to ask you that in case you do that and you have traffic of say 20K/day(well, from plugins that give you your daily website hits and visitors), but your analytics show you only around 5k, what can be the cause? why is google omitting the other traffic? Again thanks for the tips :)

    • Hi Deck! Nice seeing you around here…though i clearly dont get your point i literally think maybe one of your plugins is counting non unique hits as opposed to google analytics statistics for unique visitors.

      Thanks once more for your comment.

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