Why Blog? Here Are 5 Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own Blog.

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Starting Your Own Blog

Starting Your Own Blog

Why should you consider starting your own blog? Well the truth is if you are an entrepreneur or operating your small scale business, the thought of you setting up your own blog should have highlighted itself a couple of times but maybe you still didn’t see the big deal behind you putting up efforts to actually kick-start your own blog, how it will benefit your business and help you scale higher.

You’ve probably read somewhere on the web that blogging is a great way to roll ahead of your competitors, get public recognition, grow your leads list and find more clients to grow your business to more conversions. This is quite true as a blog is a great marketing tool to get upfront sales ahead of your competitors. Still, many don’t seem to have profound insights into the wonders that a blog can do to their business. In this post I will be taking you through the key reasons why a blog is of outmost importance to your business’s marketing campaigns and why you (irrespective of your business line) should consider starting your own blog.

Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own Blog.

1.) Starting your own blog connects you to potential customers

The general format of a blog is aimed at creating an enhanced communication between you and an audience base that are engrossed to your articles and are more likely to be converted into clients. This is the best way of rolling your business for more sales as your audience base is quite targeted and regularly updating them with quality and helpful articles in line with your niche will give them grow more trust for you and they sure will see it worthwhile giving your product/service a try or whatever affiliate product you are promoting on your blog.

2.) Starting your own blog is cheaper


Unlike other marketing tools, blogs are quite cost effective and easy to get by. Yet, its marketing effectiveness is compared to none. It will only take you a few bucks to handle your blog’s domain name and hosting fees and get your blog live. Even though you might need to spend a few more bucks to hire a developer to handle your blog’s design, modern Contain Management Systems like WordPress and blogger are quite easy to set up and get them running without ever hiring a developer. Still, it’s always a good practice to go in for a developer to give your blog a compelling design that will increase your conversions especially if you’re not all that techie.


3.) Starting your own blog helps you in building your Brand.


Generally, people are more willing to buy from people they know, like and trust and having a blog in any niche simply gives you all of that. Though your brand might be simple or conventionally crafted to company recognition, a blog still remains the ultimate powerful tool of preaching your brand out to the world and through your brand’s blog; people will then get to know more about you and your business.


4.) Starting your own blog gives you Public Relations and Media Exposure


A blog also plays a vital role of giving you the opportunity of proving your worth in a particular subject/field. By constantly updating your blog with compelling articles, you position yourself as an expert in your field and gives you the opportunity of getting more public relation and media exposure as journalists or other media promoters are likely to spot you through search engine results or by mere recommendation and they will be more than willing to promote your worth even more. This gives strategic credibility to you and your brand.


5.) Starting your own blog helps in Search Engine Optimization.


Search engine optimization has over the recent years been the most lucrative source of quality traffic as all traffic from search engines are highly targeted to a keyword searched by a “Hungry” researcher seeking for a product/service you have on your blog. Having a blog better positions you to tap into this lucrative source of traffic by constantly writing relevant posts on topics related to your products/services or related affiliate products. In so doing, you attract “targeted” visitors from search engines to whom you can advertise your related products/service at the expense of your helpful tips.

Whether you just starting up or a pro-entrepreneur, having a blog through which you reach your targeted audience is of outmost significance to your overall returns. Plus, it’s quite cost effective. Break that procrastination and get your blog live today.

Let me hear your opinion about this topic, do you have more inspiring reasons why just about anyone should kickstart their own blog? Share with us in the comment box below.


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