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Make Money On FIverr

Make Money On fiverr

When the word freelancing is whispered nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind is “fiverr”. Yes! Fiverr has indeed emerged to the top of the freelancing industry with millions of freelancers offering thousands of services; whatever it is you want, you can be sure of finding it on Fiverr. With this popularity however comes great competition within sellers. How to stand above this competition and get sales to enable you make money on fiverr? Here are some tips I have put together for you:


1) To make money on fiverr you need to optimize your profile picture:

Your profile picture is one of the key aspects that contributes to your account’s credibility. This considering, your profile picture should be as professional as possible. Might be real picture of you or a graphical representation of your service, whichever you decide to go by, ensure you make it as professional as possible.

2) To make money on fiverr you need to optimize your profile description:

Your profile picture is what is displayed below your profile picture and equally one of the great credibility determinants. Most buyers always read through your profile description to see if you have the experience to handle their tasks. With this is mind, you should write a compelling profile description which covers your skills for the services you are offering and maybe stating any achievements or awards you have related to the service you are offering. This helps in converting your visitors to buyers.

3) To make money on fiverr you need to optimize your gig title:

Gig title is what displays on the fiver platform when buyers are searching for the service you are offering. Generally on fiverr, Gig titles are in the form “I will ________ for $5”. Also fiverr gives you the opportunity of putting one word within your gig title in CAPS. This is quite a cool way of grabbing attention and I recommend you putting your main KEYWORD in capital letters. For example, say you are offering article writing as a service, your gig title should look something like this “ I Will WRITE a 500word Article for $5 ” or “ I Will Write A 500word SEO article”. Here you see the words “Write” and “SEO” in caps in the first and second exampples. This is because your potential buyers have these words in their minds when they are searching for such a service, all they want to see is someone who can “WRITE” an article to boost their “SEO”. So capitalizing this words helps in grabbing their attention and gaining them over.

4) To make money on fiverr you need to optimize your gig image:

Being what accompanies your gig title in search results; your gig image is what actually determines the clicks you get to your gig. Fiverr basically allows you to use gig images of 682×459 pixels. Considering the fact that a buyer has to search through thousands of sellers offering similar service to yours, you have to be quite ethical about standing out. Your gig image is the main determinant in this case. To make it convert well and send you a fair portion of the clicks, you need to optimize your image to be quite captivating. What I often do is do a good related design using white backgrounds and RED text. Why this, RED on White is quite catchy and will pull the clients eyeballs towards your gig before releasing it to others. Note however that these are not the only captivating colors. There is pretty much you can do to attract buyers to your gig, whether it’s a funny graphic or whatever you choose to go by, just bear in mind that you’ve got a whole lot of competition to deal with.

5) To make money on fiverr you need to optimize your gig description:

Okay great! You’ve got a well optimized gig title and a killer image representing your service that keeps pulling in massive clicks, but do these guarantee you getting orders? Big NO! Here comes the main converter, you gig description. This is what actually determines if your gig is good enough to be ordered. An ideal gig description follows this pattern:

First start by welcoming the buyer, then move on to telling them more about the service they are after and the advantages( this proves to them that you know the topic well enough), then showcase your talents and tell them you can help them out with such service and how you are going to do it. Then end up with a clear CALL TO ACTION to increase your conversions.


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Now all these will ensure you are set to start receiving orders, but does that guarantee your success on fiverr? Well maybe for some getting the orders is all they need help with. However, below are some extra tips to set you rolling with a profitable Fiverr account.


6.) Try to be as active as you can:

to make money on Fiverr, you need to try as much as possible to be active. Why? pretty logical, buyers want quick responds from users and being online gives you a higher chance of being picked up for the job(remember there a thousands of other sellers rendering that same service and staying online as much as you can pretty much give you an upper hand)

7.) Always offer polite communication with your clients:

just like any other freelancing site, your communication determines your success on fiverr. This is a sector that is often under-looked by many freelancers. Try as much as possible to make polite conversations between you and your clients. This makes them trust you and see you as reliable and would want to keep bringing in orders for you (especially if you’re good at what you do.)

8.) Always deliver on time is not less:

Delivery time is a high ranking factor on the fiverr platform. When you deliver orders 12 hours or less after they were placed, your gig is rated as express (Express Gig) and this pretty much gives a whole lot of exposure up the search results by buyers. Always try as much as you can to deliver within 12hours, or at least “on time”

9.) Contact your previous clients with offers:

Generally you are more likely to pull out more cash from a client you previously satisfied. This is a cool trick I play quite often. Contact your previous buyers, especially those who left good ratings and comments about your service. Get in touch with them and let them know you are still available to offer more of such service to them.

10.) Respond to the tasks in the “Buyer Request” Section:

What is this “buyer request” section? Not familiar with this? Then you are missing a lot my friend. The buyer request section is where buyers prefer to call in interested sellers to a task they need done if they happen not to find someone offering such specific service on fiverr. This allows the buyer to get in touch with sellers willing to complete his tasks for him/her. Responding to such requests gives you a chance of being picked by the buyer, thereby “pushing up your wallet” :)


There we go, my fiverr tips that are guaranteed to take you to any freelancing height you wish to dive to, and more so, most of these tips are applicable not only on fiverr but other freelancing sites. Now over to you, what do you think? Do you have any other tips to point out? Use the comment box below and let’s discuss.

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  1. Th is very useful information, Thanks for this write up as I myself I am planing to enter into Fiverr not for the money but to help out.

    • Hello Bruno,been a while, nice having you over here my friend. am happy you find the information i shared quite useful(most won’t). if you are really serious about starting a freelancing path on fiverr, then you should really have to consider these tips.

      Thank you for your comment my friend and do have a great week ahead!

  2. nothing to say…awesome tips….i’ve found for these tips since 2 weeks but with this am really served…Thanks a lot !

    • Glad you find them useful my friend. with these tips followed, i can almost guarantee your success not only on fiverr but other well converting freelancing sites.

      Keep steady and be focused, you will get there.


    • Hello John, thanks for the compliment, am glad you too find them helpful considering the fortune you make monthly on fiverr ;)

      Thanks for the comment mate ;) and oh! about my post images? photoshop :)

      Thank you once more and do have a great time over!

  3. Well said buddy! that’s really great. I would like to know how one can decide on what to sell at fiverr! Personally i don’t have an idea on where to start before choosing what to sell. Am some how confused. Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for your comment Deck! Its a good point you showcased right there. Mosts people just rush into fiverr and setup accounts and hope to start making millions on the go…without even being good at what they offer…how can you grow a business you not good at? Its quite logical mate, Pick something you good at and grow a successful fiverr profile… If you aint good at it, your success (if any) will definitely be shortlived.

      Thanks once more for your comment.

  4. Great article, but I’d disagree with one of your points. Whilst your gigs should present you as professional, I think it’s good for your profile to be relaxed, warm, welcoming and represent you as an individual. Letting buyers see that you’re also a genuine person is massively effective!

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